Premature Ejaculation and Anxiety

Problems With Sex – Why

My name is Sandra and I am a psychosexual dysfunction specialist and if I was to ask  men and if they were honest would say that they do not have a satisfactory sex life. Now that’s not because they do not like sex, quite the opposite, they just, in their opinion do not have the time to concentrate on it because they lead busy stressful lives, or for a number of other reasons too.

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Premature Ejaculation And Anxiety

Men are suffering in silence because they are dealing with premature ejaculation and anxiety.  They are unable to have sex or when they do they cannot maintain an erection long enough to satisfy their partner. They do get aroused but they are so anxious about the act and whether they will be able to satisfy their partners desires, that they simply do not try for fear of failure.

F – Fantasies

E – Envisaged

A – As

R – Real

Certain psychological factors such as stress, depression, relationship issues or performance-related anxiety could be the reason you might ejaculate prematurely. There are also certain medical issues which might affect your performance and I suggest you get any of the following addressed, for example, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problems or prostate disease.

Men Hide Their Shame

Men very often hide their shame when indeed there is no need to. Men do not want to admit they need help with their sexual issues, during sexual intercourse before or immediately after penetration simply worry about ejaculating too quickly because they feel inadequate, they are aroused, but unable to maintain that arousal level for any length of time, or what they consider to be a reasonable length of time.

You need to be aroused to have strong penetrative sex and when that arousal is short lived, for example, you ejaculate too quickly (do not forget men lose interest in the sexual act once they have ejaculated) and this early ejaculation can cause your partner to think you do not care about their enjoyment, when in fact you are so aroused and unable to maintain a hard erection.

Men who lived with the difficulty of maintaining an erection do not very often seek help or educate themselves as to why you might be suffering. But, today I’m talking to all men out there who might be suffering from anxiety because you are unable to satisfy your partner in bed which in turn is affecting your ability to get an erection because you are suffering from anxiety which is a psychosexual issues and I’m going to open the door to possible reasons why and to introduce a unique solution that you can practise at home, privately, nobody needs to know, you do not have to visit a therapist, or talk about your problems to anyone if you do not want to, you simply have to learn to use the techniques you are going to be shown in this video course and very soon you will be the best lover your partner has ever had.

The Caveman In You

Man has been taught to ejaculate prematurely for 1000s of year, to get it over and done with, so you have your ancestors to blame for your anxiety in the bedroom. They ejaculated rapidly because they were afraid if they did not, someone would steal their partner, they would get killed, they were always looking over their shoulders, always aware of possible danger, you know about the brain perceiving danger and deciding whether to fight or take flight.

The modern day caveman, particularly when faced with a challenge, is more aware of what is not rather than what is and when you are faced with the issue of not being able to maintain an erection or suffer from psychological erection dysfunction or premature ejaculation you automatically become a negative thinker. You are not to blame for this either, as this has its roots in evolution because your ancestors would have failed miserably, probably not survived if they had to deal with the forward thinking positive mindset that we are told is important to our success today. Their skill set was basic and relied on pure necessity. They needed to be aware of:-

  • What might kill them
  • When something was suspect and threatened their existence
  • Their instinct to spot when something was wrong

Those of your ancestors who acted on their instinct survived longer and reproduced and their offspring were gifted with sharp minds and the ability to identify hidden pitfalls and when you read this blog you will quickly realise that your ancestors were not just negative thinkers, but they devised ways to deal with the pitfalls, because they survived and have passed on that knowledge to you. The proof is that you are reading this blog and know that your life is about to change.  Click here and your sex life will change.

You have the instinct for survival and you can cope with your problems and when you take advantage of this amazing offer you will turn your problems to your advantage, because you can learn a new way of thinking and dealing with your anxiety around sex and maintaining an erection. But, stop, just before you take action and change your life today, you have to understand the evolution of the brain and its impact on your thoughts and behaviour and how you chose to act.

Brain Evolution Stages

The way man decides to act is all to do with stages of brain evolution and that explains why you might act as a caveman and only want to satisfy your own desires for pleasure.

The Reptilian Complex evolved over 650 million years ago and is likely to be associated with instincts such as aggression, dominance, being territorial and displaying rituals.

The Paleomammalian Complex which evolved 23 million years ago, is responsible for man’s motivation, emotion and reproductive behaviour. This is interestingly the seat of your anxiety when your instinctive and necessary drivers are not able to be met.

The Neomammalian Complex evolved 2.5 million years ago, thought of as the only one of the 3 complexes with the awareness of self and has the ability to recognise conscious thought as we know it today. It takes care of your language, your ability to think of things in the abstract and understands perception of situations (therefore has role to play in how you perceive the sexual act) because this area of the brain is highly developed.

You know that this highly developed area of your brain is aware of your behaviour and your inability to maintain an erection, but you also need to be aware of another really important aspect of why your habits are so hard to break. Hebb’s Law says that neurons in the brain that fire together wire together, in other words when groups of nerve cells are continuously activated and at the same time, they form a pathway and are essentially locked together.

So in other words if you relate your anxiety to your erection, you will always feel anxious when you think about sex and will find it difficult to perform. In order to create new brain circuits and control your anxiety you have to use focused attention and learn how to focus your attention away from feeling anxious and the uncomfortable feelings it brings with it, towards the things in your life which are important to you and create new brain circuits You are going to learn how to focus on your erection and have the best sex of your life.

But, just wait there is another really important point I need to emphasise and that is the findings of Benjamin Libet.

Benjamin Libet Experiment – 1983

Libet effectively proved that you do not have free will in the way we usually think of it, even though it probably feels as if you have. During the experiment Libet asked people to note the position of a moving dot on a circular scale and at the exact moment they became consciously aware of their decision to move a finger. He actually discovered by the outcome of the experiment that the physical movement was actioned around 350 milliseconds before the subject was aware of in. This is the first indicators of what is known as the ‘readiness potential’ which in the experiment happened just over half a second – 550 milliseconds before the actual conscious mind’s decision was noted.

Man has always thought that they had free will and they could decide or not easily to do something, well I am here to tell you that is not the case and before we have decided to take action, before you do something, the brain has already sent the message to take action, even if you are not ready. Therefore, you have already decided to ejaculate before you do.

But, before you think that is me and I am incapable of doing anything about it. It’s the caveman in me, I am here to say that you can, you can learn to control the caveman in you and when you do, you will celebrate the caveman, but he will not control your erection, your ability to stay harder for longer or your ability to give your partner multiple orgasms over and over again.

As a psychosexual dysfunction specialist I have helped people to see that their problems are usually to do with their perception of their ability to have sex and to satisfy their partners, to explain the caveman mentality and how it has a very often negative impact on their sex lives, but I have not been able to physically show them how changing the way you think about sex, controlling their behaviours in the bedroom, using certain techniques can improve their sex lives and that of their partners, in fact can change their lives forever. Well I can you know. But, you need to believe too.

Your Belief System

You must totally believe that change can be achieved

The belief system is all important in areas of sexuality – sometimes the whole problem stems from a flawed belief of how an individual’s sex life ‘should’ be or about the sex lives of others. You know you think everyones sex life is or should be like in a porn movie but you know that is an unrealistic expectation. You are a unique individual but anxiety might have you trapped in the idea that you cannot achieve what others do in any area of life. Well you can if you take action now!

Take Action Today

Most men are so impatient in the bedroom that their only need is to ejaculate. They forget that sex is a two-way act and there is another individual who needs to be satisfied. Men you have all seen the films, you know the man that comes all over macho, because he thinks he is a stud in the bedroom, does his thing, very quickly I might add and then gets dressed into his business suit and goes out to make his millions, leaving his poor partner wanting more. Well that is not only in the films, men can be very selfish, was going to say are, but that isn’t the case for all men, just most and as you can see from what I have just revealed, it’s really not their fault, but it is their fault if they do not do something about it. Believe me when I say this, but your partner will love you forever and think you are the best thing since sliced bread if you can maintain your erection long enough to satisfy her all the time with your sexual prowess any give her multiple orgasms.

Actions do definitely speak louder than words and I believe what you are going to get with this online resource will be the starting point of never having to make the excuse of not wanting sex or not being able to satisfy your partner in bed. Your partner will always be wanting more and will never say no to you or be dissatisfied with your sexual performance again. Click here to find out how.

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To Your Ultimate Success
The Brainwave Therapist


  1. Hi Sandra,

    Great post! You really do understand men!! I know before I met my current partner I would be so anxious about sex that nothing would happen. Very embaressing especially when you want to come across really macho haha!

    I am lucky that my partner was very understanding and helped me through all that. Thanks again for a great post. Very helpful.


    • Hi Kev

      Thank you for your comment. I am so pleased that you are in a loving supportive relationship, but there are many men who despite being in a relationship do find talking about their sex lives and very often are so embarrassed, like you said and do not endeavour to get the help that they need and that is why being anxious about sex becomes a very difficult challenge to deal with. Of course very often a small challenge can snowball and have devastating consequences.

      But, I am here to say that there is help out there and this resource is an excellent help, very discreet and does support those men who are not ready to talk about their challenges and would rather read about their challenges and when ready seek further longterm support.


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