The Secret Power of Thinking Positive about Clean Eating

One of the hardest parts of eating clean is being disciplined to make the right choices by learning how turning down the tasty high calorie filled snacks that you know are bad for you will enhance your success.

Look here is the truth you certainly do not have to starve yourself or punish yourself for periodically making the wrong choices, you just have to know what is going to take you closer to your goal of a healthier lifestyle, and if necessary to lose weight.

If you are truly determined to start to eat a clean diet, right now, from this minute, for your next meal and before you do anything else all you have to do is download my Free Top 10 Resources List and get access to websites with some of the best recipes to ensure that you and your family are eating the right foods, not only for your health, but also for what is missed from most diets and that is nutrition.

Clean Eating is not only about eating foods which are good for you, but it is also about eating the foods which give your body and mind the correct nutrients for your bones and muscles, but also for brain development.

But, there is nothing wrong with a nutritional pasta dish served with vegetables and meat or fish.  This blog post will explain the secret power of thinking positive about clean eating.

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But, what you should avoid is the piece of chocolate cake that will add 450 calories to your diet and leave you feeling sick.  It provides zero nutrition and it sets your diet back in a way that can sometimes be hard to recover from psychologically.

If you have not read any of my previous blog, you will not know that I am a psychotherapist and one of my specialisms is curing people of their anxiety and if you want to know what 5 foods you need to avoid, which acerbate your anxiety then you can read all about them here.

But don’t worry – there’s a trick!  I know it sounds too good to be true – but the trick is positive thinking and behaviour.

What is Positive Thinking?

No matter what your goal, the only way to achieve it is to change your thought processes.

In the past you might have given up on a healthier lifestyle and to lose weight because you have not understood the premise of how your mind determines your success.  You have heard the saying – “In order to be successful, you simply have to think positive”.

But, of course there is more to it than to simply think positive, you also have to adopt the behaviours, actions and thought processes that lead to the positive outcomes.

How Changing your Behaviour Leads to your Success?

Years ago when I worked for a leading weight loss organisation I used to teach my clients how keeping your waste paper bin in another room or if you live in a house going to the bathroom upstairs meant that you could get more exercise and burn more calories and in the process get healthier.

Simply, when something is out of your reach and you have to get up from your chair or move from one room to another, to it, that means more activity in your day.  As I said you do not have to spend a lot of money on achieving a healthier lifestyle, you simply have to learn to think in an altogether different way – That is the secret power of positive thinking.

Positive thinking also involves training the brain to overcome negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can reinforce negative beliefs and can have unwanted effects on your behaviour.

For instance, if you’re trying to get over a fear of heights, the thing you need to change is the thought process that involves imagining falling or telling yourself it’s not safe!

What Does This Have to do With Eating Clean?

Simple: it gives you the ability to reprogram your thoughts and thereby to remove the desire to indulge in too much cake etc. and chose fruit instead.

To do this, you simply need to think ahead and focus on how you are going to feel after the meal. Focus on the cake and the taste and you will produce the reward hormone dopamine. Instead, you need to focus on the last time you made yourself feel sick or you felt guilt and depressed from eating too much cake. You probably felt bloated, stuffed and sorry for yourself and most likely you couldn’t finish it. Concentrate on that sensation and suddenly the cake loses its appeal.

Now instead, imagine how good it would feel to have a refreshing dessert that would perk you up and leave you feeling good about yourself.  Or how about a hot drink?  Or maybe you could have a yogurt and fruit?

When you feel good this makes all the difference to your desire for calorie laden desserts and you will find that you actually would prefer the yogurt or fruit.  If you do this regularly, then you will actually create new associations in your brain to the point where you actually do not want to eat that huge piece of cake.  You learn a whole new way of thinking and finding out why you always grabbed for something that was unhealthy.

The scientific bit of this is Hebb’s Law – it simply means that pathways in the brain that fire together, wire together, in other words because your action of reaching for the sweet treat is embedded in your brain and is your pattern of behaviour and it is what you always do, you will continue doing so, until you learn how to change that pattern of behaviour and adopt a much healthier one.

The same goes for reprogramming your brain in other areas too!

Anxiety and Clean Eating

Following a healthy lifestyle is about a journey not a sprint to the finishing line.  You have to live the life of a healthy person, but you also need to stop feeling guilty or punishing yourself because your good intentions falls by the way side once in a while.

If you are suffering from anxiety and you are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, if you do not stop feeling guilty, your anxious negative thoughts will overpower your positive thoughts.  Anxiety is another name for control and believe me it will control  everything and that means it will control your will power and clean eating is all about will power and making the right choices.

There is research and evidence to suggest that what we eat and drink can have a negative affect affect on our feelings of self-worth.  If we elect to eat and drink things which are clearly unhealthy the thoughts that come to our minds are thoughts of (perhaps we do not always admit it) feeling ugly, fat, our clothes do not fit, we are not attractive to the our partner, we feel slow and sluggish.  You know, all the negative chatter in our heads.

If we are honest, and we need to be, some of what we feel is true, but just as much is false.  But, when anxious thoughts invade our reality we do not stand a chance of disagreeing, particularly when our self-esteem and belief in ourselves is at an all time low.

What am I really trying to say?

So, what am I really trying to say?  I am really trying to say that clean eating is not only a positive thing to try for your health and wellbeing, it is also good for ignoring those negative anxious thoughts and feelings.

I have talked about the secret power of thinking positive about clean eating and how changing your behaviour leads to your success and removes your desire to reach for unhealthy foods.

I have also discussed briefly how your anxiety can be negatively affected by what you eat and drink.  All of which are steps in the right direction towards understanding the power of positive thinking about clean eating and ending your anxiety forever.

To Your Ultimate Success

The BrainWave Therapist


  1. Very interesting reading,if I were to take this advice will there be follow up articles on this subject. The power of positive thinking and anxiety. I think this is well written, great job.

    • Hi Kimberly
      Thank you for your comment.

      I have emailed you with the answer, but if for any reason the email doesn’t get to you or ends up in your spam. Leave a message here and I will contact you.

      To Your Ultimate Success

      The BrainWave Therapist

  2. So true! Positive thinking used right can help in motivating action in the right direction. And action leads to motion and motion is life!

    • Hi Tim

      Thank you for comment, it is greatly appreciated.

      To Your Ultimate Success

      The BrainWave Therapist

  3. Hi Sandra, I love the idea of clean eating and how it can help reduce anxiety. I suffer from anxiety quite a lot, even though I’m well aware of positive thinking! I eat a vegetarian diet and cook healthy nutritious meals most days. Whenever I take short cuts such buying vegetable burgers instead of making my own I always feel guilty! I don’t deny myself sweet treats though but am very controlled with my intake!

    • Hi Kathy

      Thank you for the comment. I have emailed you with an awesome offer. Please watch out for the email, it might end up in your spam.

      To Your Ultimate Success

      The BrainWave Therapist

  4. Nice post. I actually do believe in some of this. I will say that the healthier I eat, and the more I work out, the better I feel mentally. When i have a bad week; eating fast food, missing the gym, drink too many beers, my stress, anxiety, and overall feeling of well-being is affected negatively.

    • Hi Spence

      Thank you for leaving your comment, it is greatly appreciated.

      If you are interested I have a great Clean Eating Programme. Message me and I’ll send you the link.

      To Your Ultimate Success

      The BrainWave Therapist

  5. I have never thought of it like this. I’m the one always eating the cake and know I shouldn’t. Think its time to reset my mood.

    • Hi Holly
      Thank you for your comment. There is nothing wrong with cake occasionally.

      To Your Ultimate Success

      The BrainWave Therapist

  6. Thanx – Spirituaql Lifestyles are Definitely The Way to Go – Knowing more about Our Food/Medicine Choices is Great = ThannxYou /:)

  7. Hi Sandra! I like how you broke things down in each posts and make it clearer and easier for me to understand. Each explanation were so detailed and i took away some useful tips that you’ve mentioned in your posts. Thumbs up!

    Good Job and Well Wishes,

  8. Very well thought out and put together. Got some great information from you that I can apply to my life. I look forward to reading more that you have to offer.

  9. Great post! I do believe that my anxiety stems from processed foods. I have noticed that when I eat clean and low carb (meat and veggies) and then I eat something processed, I have a lot of heath reactions.
    These reactions can be hard to see if you eat processed foods all the time, but boy do they show up loud and clear after clean eating!
    I do get far less of a reaction if I make food myself. I am finding that the high fructose corn syrup in processed foods makes me feel sick and bloated, and amps up my sugar cravings. I do not get that from fresh fruit.
    Thank you for this information.

    • Hi Irma
      Thank you for your comment. I do think you would benefit from downloading my Free Resouce List and then get access to my eBook about everything clean eating and importantly what foods you should be avoiding and what nutrients you might be missing from your diet.
      Clean eating and a clean lifestyle, and importantly drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day does help with anxiety. You can get access to my Free resource by clicking on the following link https://mailchi.mp/d12a1e2ba86b/clean-eating-top-10

      To Your Ultimate Success

  10. I do subscribe to the thought of positing lifestyle and healthy living .Actually found that healthy eating leads to a more happy fruitful life and outlook on things

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